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System Mechanic

System Mechanic — набор программ, позволяющих поддерживать компьютер в оптимальном состоянии. Включает в себя средства для очистки и оптимизации системного реестра, очистки жесткого диска от ненужных файлов, блокирования вредоносных spyware и скрытных malware, а также мониторинга и контроля работы системы.

Включает в себя:
• Очистка системного реестра.
• Дефрагментатор файловой системы.
• Оптимизатор загрузки операционной системы.
• Очистка жесткого диска от ненужных файлов.
• Освобождение оперативной памяти.
• "Ремонт" ярлыков.
• Исправление ошибок при подключении к интернету.
• А также довольно много более мелких "узкоспециализированных" утилит.

System Mechanic FREE — performs cleanup, optimization, and privacy protection with equal agility. As with similar tune-up utilities, it enables you to clean up your registry, remove junk files, and customize hidden settings to improve performance. Novice users can get all of that done at once or automatically taken care of via the software's ActiveCare feature.

The app has additional tools for removing spyware and for defragmenting your hard drive, eliminating the need for multiple utility programs. For example, the Configure Windows Startup tool shows the list of applications and services that automatically start with the computer and allows for disabling or removing them individually. This is a handy tool that replaces the "Software Explorer" part that Microsoft has taken out of the Windows Defender in Windows 7. The program is 32-bit, but it will work with Windows 7 64-bit.

Изменения в System Mechanic Free 15.5:

Is a critical update from iolo technologies that addresses several new privacy issues many users of Windows® 10 are confronting as Microsoft aggressively ramps up its personal data collection and sharing services.
Because these services now default to ON, go largely undetected, and are difficult to disable, iolo engineers created a suite of features in System Mechanic 15.5 that enable users to deactivate them easily from one convenient wizard.
The new features, bundled together in Privacy Shield™, are designed to take back much of the privacy control Windows users may have inadvertently forfeited by installing Windows 10.
To help stem the tide of involuntary collection and sharing of user personal information, Privacy Shield allows users to disable Windows 10 services that can share your Wi-Fi network connections with your contacts as well as collect information regarding your browsing habits, program usage, and more. Privacy Shield includes:
Disable Microsoft Data Collection and Telemetry Services
One click turns off services that automatically record many user habits and actions, including memory snapshots, program usage, system configuration, network connection, and more.
Before Privacy Shield, these services could not be fully disabled without modifying the registry if users followed the default Windows 10 installation process.
Disable Wi-Fi Sense Service
When users allow network sharing, this service stores their encrypted Wi-Fi passwords on a Microsoft server and then shares them with all Outlook, Skype, and Facebook contacts. Disable this service with one click from within the wizard.
Disable SmartScreen Service
One click also disables this service that collects data on browsing history and sends this information to Microsoft.
Additional enhancements in Version 15.5:
Startup Manager
This feature is now compatible with the newest Windows 10 apps for up-to-date startup configuration.
Issues Reporting
The system analysis results page has been simplified and made easier to navigate for an improved user experience.

ОС : Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8.х (32/64-бит)
Интерфейс : English
Лекарство : ключ
Размер : 49,07 Mb

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